never distroy your life for one who is not recogniser of your uniqueness!

Never distroy your life for one who is not recogniser of your uniqueness!

Fashion Trend

Tall Women's Fashion: Best of 2011

Mandy Moore 
Technically Mandy Moore's Academy Awards dress was worn in February, but it was gorgeous enough to look at again.
They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. That's probably true, but wouldn't you rather imitate women who nail the cute, trendy or fashion-forward look, rather than those who...don't?

Maria Sharapova - Perfect Spring Prints

Maria Sharapova
Maria mixes patterns perfectly by matching pinks in the two prints.
Spring brought with it a variety of prints, patterns and girly cuts. If you want to look fashion forward this spring, pair patterns like Maria Sharapova did with this floral, pleated skirt and striped top. To pull off the look, keep one pattern understated and small and match color tones between separates.

Uma Thurman - Nude Done Right

Uma Thurman
Uma Thurman's nude dress with a metallic sheen looks gorgeous against her lightly tanned skin.

Nudes are hard to pull off, no matter your skin tone. Mimic Uma Thurman and choose a nude with a metallic shine or an extra sheen. For the best look, choose a nude slightly lighter than your skin's color, offsetting your skin from your clothing.

Kate Middleton - Edgy and Classic

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton adds edge to her conservative suit with knee high boots and leather gloves.

Kate Middleton proves that classic doesn't have to look staid by pairing knee high boots and leather gloves with her otherwise reserved skirt suit. Mimic her fashion sense when dressing for work and add extra flair to your wardrobe with edgy black accents.

Nicole Kidman - Fitted and Fabulous

Ncole Kidman
Nicole Kidman's form-fitting dress works because its cut and coverage are modest.

Nicole Kidman knocked one out of the park with this "wiggle" dress that hugs her body from shoulders to knees. Take a tip from Nicole Kidman's book and when you wear something this form fitting, make sure you choose a modest cut in a fabric that "gives" a little.

Michelle Wie - Cute on the Course

Michelle Wie
Michelle Wie always looks cute when hitting the golf course.

Even though this picture is posed, Michelle Wie really does hit the links wearing cute, colored tops and form-fitting pants or mini skirts. You'll also rarely see her without a signature flower in her hair. I'm all for imitating her sporty but girlie style whenever it's time to head to the gym.

 Fall Fashion Trend Of 2011,

With Spring behind us it's time to look forwards to the coming cooler weather, the fashion it will bring, and the impact it will have on next year. Yes, Autumn / Fall 2010 fashion trends are on the horizon. With the new season comes a lot of new looks and, for those that aren't new, new takes on established fashion trends.
Read on to find the latest details on Autumn / Fall 2010 fashion trends. And don't forget that this guide is constantly updated, so if you don't want to miss a thing be sure to subscribe to our free fashion newsletter or get all of 2011's and 2011 fashion trends ive by subscribing to our  RSS feeds!
fall 2010 fashion trends

Buttoned-up shirts for Fall 2011:
Forget the grungy, layered-over flannel, and tuck away your baggy, open-fronted boyfriend shirt (for now). Fashion, as fashion is wont to do, has taken a pendulum swing in the other direction, hitting on a more refined, sophisticated look. And so starting now there's only one key way to wear your shirt: buttoned up to the very top.
The brilliant thing about the done-up collar as a  is that it's simple, requires nothing all that new (feel like giving new life to all those old shirts in your wardrobe? Read on) and it's trans-seasonal: start wearing it in Summer 2011 and carry it through to Fall trend 2011 If you'd like to keep up to date with all the forthcoming fashion trends be sure to subscribe to our fashion newsletter.
buttoned up shirt
Jenni Kayne Fall 2010

Buttoned-up collars and how to wear them

The key to the buttoned-up look is that it should appear put together, collected. Just as with over the knee socks, its sexiness is rooted in its modesty and stems from an understated air of confidence.
But let's not forget: this is an era of overt sexuality where over the knee boots and see through tops become fashion trends that leave the catwalk and make it to the streets. Naturally then, the humble, buttoned up shirt can be made overtly sexual for the coming seasons. If that sounds like your think, you can balance out the coyness and pair it with some shorts or a miniskirt.
If you'd like to keep things demure, however, on the opposite end of the spectrum you can try a crisp buttoned-up shirt with tailored high-waisted slacks (ensure tidy fits and clean lines) for sophisticated minimalism.
As for the cut of the shirt, the buttoned collar can work with sleeveless, short or long sleeved shirts. And be sure not to forget about the humble shirt dress either.
Dries Van Noten Fall 2010
Dries Van Noten Fall 2010

Types of collars

After years of hearing of boyfriend blazers, shirts and jeans, your immediate thought might be that the buttoned up shirt look is a continuation on the theme. Not so. It's not just about men's business shirts and a stock-standard collar. There are many, many different types of shirt collars from you to pick from. Some will work with this trend, and some will not. Experimenting is of course key, but to give you a head start here are our pointers on just a few:
  • Regent collar: what we'd consider today a standard type of shirt collar you can't go too wrong here.
  • Button-down collars: these are pointed collars with small buttons at the ends. Not your best option - if worn without a tie they can end up looking too flat.
  • Cutaway collar: one that cuts away almost parallel to the shoulders, with a wide spread. A cutaway collar works best in high-quality fabric; perfect for doing an immaculate masculine yet feminine dandy  look.
  • Contrast collar: where the collar is a different colour or fabric to the rest of the shirt (typically a white collar and a coloured body). Great if you want to add some unique and interesting detail into your buttoned-up shirt outfit, and particularly good in a navy and blue combination.
  • Club collars: a men's softly-rounded collar that was popular in early part of the 20th century. A gentlemen would use a collar pin to fasten the collar down; you could also vary it with a brooch.
  • The Peter Pan collar: a women's collar that's small and rounded. So perfect for creating a cute, sixties look.
  • Tuxedo collars / winged collars: there's no reason you can't make a tuxedo collar work; especially as a classically glamorous evening look.
Celine Fall 2010
Celine Fall 2010

Complimentary trends

  • Pair a buttoned-up shirt with leather pieces to keep the look firmly in modern, edgy territory. You can rock up a shirt by adding a leather biker or bomber jacket, or go for chic minimalism with a crisp white shirt paired with a tan leather skirt.
  • Work a strict buttoned up shirt into an on-trend military outfit.
  • Buttoning up can also work perfectly with sports wear influences. As well as shirts you can also go for sporty buttoned-up polo shirts. For a complete contrast, pair a sporty pair of pants or shorts with a high-buttoned shirt in a sheer or silk fabric.
  • Pull on some knee high/ over the knee socks. will inject a sense of playful, girlish sexiness that's balanced out perfectly by your geek-chic high collar.
No. 21 Fall 2010
No. 21 Fall 2010

Accessorising the high-buttoned shirt

  • A necklace, or layering of necklaces, is the perfect accompaniment. It could be a simple chain through to a bold statement piece.
  • For a variation, try and brooch or pin.
  • A ribbon wrapped around and tied either in a simple knot or a bow is an effective DIY accessory. Plus velvet  is a strong option, especially for a night-time look.
One accessory we'd avoid: ties. If that's your cup of tea look to the ribbon suggestion above or the female dandy trend. The buttoned up collar trend is above a visually uninhibited collar and a tie will be far too dominant.
Chloe Fall 2010
Chloe Fall 2010

Frida: most striking simplicity: 

I have a feeling our selection of street style images is going to be flooded with Frida throughout the fashion week circuit. She has that uncomplicated elegance that only gets better as the days roll on. This time it's a simple black maxi-skirt, a safari-style buttoned-up shirts and the addition of a tan leather belt around that tiny waist.
Frida Gustavsson green shirt, black skirt

Handbags: Trend of 2011

The phenomenon of the 'it' bag has dissolved, leaving behind a duo of more practical and long-lived options: the utterly classic, and the unique trend piece. To that end the right statement handbag will serve you for autumn /fall 2011 and well into 2011.

Fur. There's an aura of comforting warmth that emanates from any fur piece (be it real or faux) that adds to its eternal appeal. Taking shape over the past few years as fur clothing and more recently reaching our feet by way of fur boots, we can only accept that it's time the trend reached our bags as well. In 2010 and 2011 a handbag can be furry all over like a piliferous companion that hangs by your side; elegantly trimmed in velutinous fur luxury; or primitively bushling in bohemian nonchalance. Whatever your preferred take, one thing is certain: a fur bag makes a statement.

With all things studded, spiked, dark and tough fading from view like a distant train, the focus has turned to an antithetical trend piece: the ladylike, feminine frame bag. It's structured. It's clean. It's the manicured, click-heeled, apple pie perfection that we associate with the elegance of the 1950s and early 1960s. At it's most thematic it can be paired with a full skirt and some kitten heald, but that doesn't mean you can't carry it with a modern twist. Work it as a faithful vintage look, or as a surprise twist on an edgy outfit.

We'll use the term 'satchel' quite broadly here to describe any bag with a flap-top that fastens with a buckle or clasp. In 2010 and 2011 they can be everything from traditional schoolboy satchel styles, to '70s folk inspired, to modern clasp-fronted bags. The primary material here is most definitely leather - with a new found emphasis on styles that can be clutched as well as carried.
satchel handbag

By no means new but certainly a continually evolving handbag trend, the cross-body bag has a youthful appeal. While a long chain strap is common and a consistently chic take, you can also look variations like Roberto Cavalli's plaited leather or Dior's cross-body strings of pearls. There's always a delicacy to the small cross-body bag that stems from the lack of clutter it can withstand. Perfect for nights out and days around and about - where not much more than a credit card and lipstick are the required cargo.
cross-body handbag
Cross-body bag at Gucci, A/W 2010

Fashion Trend Report: The New Basic is Anything But Black

We all have it in our closets. Black – the universal color that mixes and matches with anything. Black makes us look good, while covering up figure flaws. And that’s good. Black has its place in our fashion hearts. But, now it’s time expand our wardrobe options into colorful uncharted territory.

Are you ready, ladies? Here are the new color combinations that will spice up your wardrobe and get you away from reaching for black when you may be in a mood for something a little more adventurous.

Chic Color Combo: Brown and Pink

Brown is a great alternative neutral to black. A brown pair of pants or a brown skirt with a pink top is a nice feminine look that is warm and inviting.

Chic Color Combo: Navy and Orange

Navy is traditionally paired with white or red. But let’s think outside the box a bit and go for a navy suit with an orange blouse or tank top. Wear navy shoes for a traditional look, or shoes with orange accents for a little fun.

Chic Color Combo: Burgundy and Red

For a casual look that has a wow impact, pair a burgundy top with a red sweater, jacket or hoodie. Wear with jeans.

Chic Color Combo: Charcoal and Yellow

Charcoal is a dark gray color that’s a step away from black. It goes great with cool toned colors but I bet you never thought about pairing it with yellow. Try a yellow sweater or sweater set with charcoal pants or skirt.

Chic Color Combo: Chocolate Brown and Baby Blue
aby blue is a nice, soft blue color that looks good on most people. You can wear a baby blue top under a chocolate brown blazer or sweater. Soften that brown suit with a baby blue blouse or knit top.

Swimwear that you'll feel comfortable in!

Finding the right swimwear can be a fun and also a stressful experience. You want to look your best in the swimwear of your choice at the beach. Light, colorful beach clothing will make you feel comfortable and cool. Some of the varieties you can find in swimwear are the following:

Bikini -- This once-shocking is the granddaddy of fashion swimwear. Looks newest now in super-skimpy triangle, side-tie bottoms. Look for built-in push-up bras, underwire and sculpted cups for extra curves.

Tankini -- A variation of the bikini, has a longer top that leaves only a small portion of the tummy exposed. Don't want to expose your tummy at all? Go for the mock tankini.

Bandini -- A bikini with a bandeau (straight, striplike piece of fabric) top.

Camikini -- Same as the tankini except the top looks like a camisole.

Maillot -- One-piece suit (some creative types have even labeled a cut-out style the "monokini").

Boy legs -- A longer leg resembling really short shorts. Careful here -- tends to make the leg look shorter-- but still a favorite silhouette.

Swimsuits are made of a material such as Lycra or Spandex that clings tightly to the swimmer but also permits a free range of motion. A swim cap worn over the hair and ears also helps to reduce the resistance a swimmer encounters when moving through the water. Swim goggles allow swimmers to see better under water. They also protect swimmers’ eyes from irritation caused by chlorine and other chemicals in the pool water, and from salt or pollution in natural bodies of water.

Give some thought to which style of swimsuit you feel you would look best in. Whether it’s one-piece or two-piece you’ll feel most comfortable in the bathing suit that gives you the most confidence. Swimwear has changed a lot over the years, from suits that were bulky and awkward to swim in to the ultra tiny string bikinis of today.

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